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Seeing the dentist must be one of the top 10 destinations to avoid, sitting alongside the law courts, the ATO, the immigration office, and the RTA.  It can be so bad for some that they do not see the dentist for over 10 years, resulting in a lot of neglected disease in the mouth.  When they decide it’s time to treat the disease, the old feelings of why they avoided the dentist come back.  And, confronting it with multiple appointments can seem overwhelming.

This is why Bella Dental Penrith offers the option of having a lot of treatment performed in Twilight state using intravenous sedation.  This service is often used by young adults to be asleep, and when they wake up, their wisdom teeth are gone.  We have also used this for more frightened adults who also required fillings, crowns, dental implants etc, and they would be completed when they woke up.

Twilight sedation is a much more conservative way to have dentistry done while you sleep.  We work with Dr Frank Nguyen, another fellow Canadian, who has received a Graduate Dimploma in Clinical Dentistry for Conscious Sedation and Pain Control.  All of it is performed in our own surgery, which means you don’t have to go the hospital for a hospital stay.

This service is a wonderful option for many, but not for all.  If this is something that interests you, either call us or book now for a consultation.  Make sure you mention or enter the code: “I want to sleep through it” for the online booking, and we will discount the consultation by 50%.

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