How to prepare for your child’s first visit to the dentist

Bringing your child to the dentist for the first time can be overwhelmed with many emotions including anxiety, fear, Kids dentist penrithuncertainty, all of which the child can easily detect (they are smarter than we know).  Sometimes we lie with noble intentions to protect our children until we arrive to said dentist with said children, and then SURPRISE them, that they are going up onto that big clinical chair in the room filled with all sorts of strange surgical looking equipment and instruments. 

This does make for a good dental experience, nor a good first impression for the dentist.


It perpetuates the myth that dentists are monsters, and makes you look like a lying parent.   These videos do not like the Mr Bean Goes to the Dentist; Marathon Man “Is it safe?”; The Little Shop of Horrors; and any horror movie featuring dentists. 

Rather, there are lots of videos on YouTube, such as:

Bernstein Bears visit to the dentist

Peppa Pig goes to the dentist

The whole point of bringing the child to the dentist to become acquainted with the process of regularly seeing the dentist.

Dentistry is no longer what we experienced when we were growing up.  

The techniques have improved, the materials have improved, we are doing fewer extractions and dentures, and the people graduating as dentists are not the same narcissist nerds anymore…well, not all of them.   The children that I have been treating have been experiencing the benefit of maintaining healthy teeth and having beautiful confident smiles into adulthood.

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