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Botox penrith

Who would you prefer?  Someone who does it sometimes, or all the time?

Generally, whatever we practice, repeat, put a lot of time into, we get good at.  For example, the children of Asian parentsPenrith Botox will get much exposure to piano lessons and Kumon math exercises – they get good at playing the piano and doing maths.  Culinary apprentices practice cooking and get good at cooking, much better than most amateur cooks.  Automotive mechanics get much more hands-on experience than a weekend dad looking under the bonnet of their car. 

Dentists do dental procedures every day,

and they deliver many injections in the mouth to achieve anesthesia before performing those dental procedures.  Many of us are now able to do it relatively painlessly.

There is a big buzz about facial rejuvenation treatments that involve relaxing facial muscles, smoothening wrinkles, and adding “filler” to volumize certain facial features.  These treatments are now becoming more and more widely available from more and more facilities. 

The question then becomes – who would you prefer?

Option A:  A low-cost, high volume facility with somewhat trained nurses under the direction of a medical doctor from a TV to perform the injections? 

Option B: Or a licensed dentist who has undergone extensive additional training and understands the anatomy of the head and neck, who also performs many injections above the neck/head. 

If you chose Option B, we have some good news for you.

  At Bella Dental Penrith, we are now offering anti-aging wrinkle

along with dermal fillers.  Give us a call now to arrange for a consultation, and if you mention reading this page along with the not-so-secret-code “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”, the consultation is complimentary, which is an $80 in savings. 

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