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Our Alternative to Extras Cover

When it comes to choosing a health fund with extras cover, there are many options options and limitations, resulting in much confusion to you, the consumer.  Many of these health funds take a lot of time developing products in such a way that it is difficult to accurately compare them.  Different coverages, wait times, when you could use what, and the list goes on. 

It is also very much in their immediate financial interest for you to NOT use your benefits, and thus NOT show up to your next dental appointment. If you don’t use these services, they don’t need to pay out and keep YOUR premiums which come out of your account every month.  In some cases, for years.  We see this in dentistry all of the time. People pay all of this money for extras cover (in some cases over $25 per week), and then find themselves not having enough money to pay for their dental visits and thus avoid their appointments altogether. This happens all the time.

To provide a solution to this, Bella Dental Penrith has developed an in-house membership plan. 

Say goodbye to expensive “Extra’s Cover” that you pay for and never use.  Here, we charge a small monthly fee, equivalent to $8.25 a week (or 2 coffee’s) per adult, which covers you for all routine preventive visits, which includes periodic exams, clinical hygiene, fluoride treatment, and as many radiographs and photographs necessary to have more thorough look at your teeth.  Members also enjoy a 10% courtesy discount across our wide range of dental treatments from fillings, crowns, to facial rejuvenation treatments. 

Members Benefits include

  • No out of pocket expenses for any preventative work, including all x-rays, scans, cleans
  • Discounted fee structure for all other dental or cosmetic work (no annual limits)
  • Rebates on emergency work undertaken by necessity elsewhere
  • SAVINGS of up to $4500 over 5 years on Basic Dental “extra’s payments” alone (Based on BUPA platinum extras cover)

If you would like further information regarding our Bella Dental Penrith Membership Program please contact us for an information pack.

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