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Forget teeth stains, coffee has benefits to your health

Many patients apologise to me for how much coffee they drink in a day.  For some it’s their morning coffee, and for others they need 4 or 5 to thrive.  This just came to my attention, so it’s like new stuff, but Prof Tim
Spector, author of the Diet Myth, has been studying this for years.  We all know that coffee comes from a bean.  What I didn’t realize is that each cup of coffee contains a half gram of fibre, that aids in your digestion.

These are my words, and I ain’t a gastroenterologist, but from what I gather, your gut is a sorting room/dumping ground for everything you put in your mouth.  Once the stuff is broken down, the bits and pieces are then transported throughout the rest of the body, and essentially, we are what we eat.  We are learning more and more about the inner workings of the gut, and The Diet Myth is among several nutrition books I intend on reading in 2017.  It’s the end of
January, and I have already finished 2 of Grant Cardone’s books to start the year.  I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learnt to help guide you towards better overall health.   

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