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Dental Decay has been the scourge for a long time.  We all know how it works – bacteria hiding in teeth, eating the sugar we put in our mouth, making acid that burns holes into our teeth… sometimes there are spots that get left untouched because we can not physically clean the teeth, and give it enough time, sugar and acid exposure, it will lead to tooth decay.

Many patients at Bella Dental Penrith are completely unaware of any problems because they have no symptoms – no physical holes, no pain, no sensitivity.  That’s because the nerve, which is deep inside the tooth, is the last to know.  Kind of like a really dull boyfriend who has no idea he is getting dumped.  By then, the damage is advanced, which means that the need for treatment becomes more complex, extensive, and expensive.

The cavities that we treat are done in the most conservative way possible.  Based on the size of the defect, they can be done in tooth coloured resin composites, or in larger circumstances, stronger porcelain onlays and crowns.  It all depends on the situation, which will be discussed with you, so that you understand your choices, risks and benefits. At Bella Dental Penrith, we are guided by our family principles – whatever we would do for our own family, that is what we recommend.

Call us today (02) 4722 6300, so that we can inspect you and minimize the impact of dental decay for the long term.

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