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Don’t be an amputee

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Don’t be an amputee

Did you know that the most amputated body part is the tooth?  I know it’s not something people think about every day.  I couldn’t imagine having my hand, arm, foot, leg, or ear cut off; yet we are tearing out teeth like it means nothing.  Last month 34 teeth were amputated from their bodies, and though this is a tragedy, many factors occurred which led up to this frightening statistic.

Like drinking too much coca cola, or fizzy drink, which contains sugar, and acid, which dissolves minerals and cause micro holes

Like brushing they way they think it ought to be done and not having a professional train them and assess them

Like taking medications that change the pH and dryness of the mouth, making tooth decay of greater risk.

Like not flossing.

Like not having a dentist who looks after them.

All of these things, which may seem like not a big deal on their own, have a devastating compounding effect on the slow and eventual destruction of teeth, which eventually lead to amputation.

If you want a put a stop to this madness, call our office at (02) 4722 6300 so we can get your teeth up to health, so your teeth won’t have to become another statistic.

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