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Cracks. We see them, but they don’t hurt. Who cares?

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Cracks.  We see them, but they don’t hurt.  Who cares?

One generation ago, pre fluoride in during the industrialisation of society and the automation of the food services industry, we saw a huge spike sugar being introduced in processed foods of today.  This resulted in an increase in tooth decay, which lead to dental emergencies, abscesses, tooth pain, and every reason why people do not like to visit the dentist.

Thanks to fluoride, better dietary habits, and better hygiene habits, people are keeping their teeth longer.  These people come in for checkups, religiously, and hope or assume that there is nothing wrong with them.  But if we stop to think about something that lasts a long time – like a car – a brand new car lasts for 6-15 years; and during our lifetime, we may own 3-10 cars.  We only get 1 set of teeth.  And ideally we would like for them to last a lifetime.

Today’s threat comes from wear and tear.  Think about brake pads, transmissions, tires – they are all good when new, but over time, they wear, tear, and eventually need service or replacement.  The same go for our teeth.

We have very destructive habits clashing our teeth together to the point where they begin to crack, like a pebble hitting the windscreen.  Over time, that crack gets longer along the windscreen; and deeper into the tooth eventually causing something to break.  Either a lucky break, or an unlucky break…. 

So why don’t they stress the importance of this in your previous dental visits?  Many dentists would not pay much attention to cracks until teeth break.  The question then, is, would you prefer to do something that will ensure the longevity of your teeth when detected early, or wait for catastrophe to happen, which often times would require more complex, extensive, and more expensive treatment? 

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