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Cosmetic Injectibles

It’s great that we get wiser as we age, but wisdom also comes with facial lines that show we have endured some struggles. Some patients have come to terms with this, but others would prefer to have a more youthful appearance. Thank goodness we have conservative non-invasive treatments that achieve this outcome.

We are excited to offer facial rejuvenation treatment at Bella Dental Penrith. In the past, these types of treatments would only be offered by plastic surgeons and cosmetic clinics where there were no doctors. Here, the treatment is performed by one of our dentists, who have received extensive training on the anatomy of the head and neck, so not only do we know where to inject, we also know the danger zones of where not to inject.
We are also very conservative and discreet when it comes to this kind of treatment. This means that we avoid giving people expressionless frozen faces, or overplumped overdone facial bits where friends can obviously see that you had something done; rather, we aim to enhance your already awesome beautiful selves.

Our products used are of the highest pharmaceutical grade passing Australia’s strict TGA standards. This means that it washes out safely after 4-9 months post-injection, and things go back to normal. We use Dysport to relax facial muscles and smoothen wrinkles, and Teosyal and Juvederm to increase volume.

We have had many happy patients receive this treatment (Dr Geoff included), and we look forward to seeing how we can best help you!

Please use the code: “Botox” when making the booking for a complimentary consultation (normally $80).

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