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Cosmetic Dentistry

We can change teeth to suit your smile.

We can change teeth to suit your smile. Teeth come in many shapes and sizes, but some things hold universally true. Attractive teeth, like attractive people, are governed by divine proportion, and just seem to look “right”. Natural. Beautiful.

Teeth can appear to be too short, too thin, too wide, which fall outside of the “natural” shape. As a result, many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and often feel embarrassed to show their teeth in photos. These people must have been excited when duck lips were in fashion.

Cosmetic dentistry’s aim is to change the shape, proportions, color, and overall appearance of teeth. Nowadays, we have many techniques available at our disposal.


We have bonding

We have veneers

We have crowns and bridges

We have dentures

One thing that all of these patients have in common, is they are much happier with how their teeth look, and are much more ready to show off their smiles in photographs.

Call us now to schedule a consultation. Here, we can discuss your options to get you the smile of your dreams. Most patients find that the process and costs are much more manageable than they believed.

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