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This tooth had a root canal.  How could it get decay?

Teeth, like humans, have a life where they age along with us.  And just as we generally don’t grow stronger as we grow older, neither do teeth.  In fact, they are met with dangers throughout life, such as insult from the trauma of chewing several meals a day for many years; grinding and clenching during stressful times throughout life; getting knocked by forks, spoons, elbows, walls, floors, bottles, etc; accidentally chewing on bones and shells.  They remind me of baby sea turtles emerging from the sands escaping the perils of hungry seagulls to enter the ocean.

Throughout the life of teeth, they may end up having tooth decay, which result in fillings.  These fillings may either have more decay or break, which then need more treatment.  Ultimately, if the break or decay gets close enough to the nerve, the tooth ends up getting a very extensive procedure called a root canal.  This is the last effort to save the tooth.

Many dentists and patients have tried to get away with doing more simple treatments like large fillings.  Though these certainly patch the lost tooth structure, and can last a long time if they’re left alone.  But the reality is, it gets splashed with sugar and acid on a continual basis which dissolves teeth surrounding these large fillings, weakening them.  Not to mention the relentless pounding they get from the opposite jaw. 

Isn’t there a better way?  Of course there is!  We reinforce it the best we can with a final restoration, like a crown.  The materials used are much stronger than that of the plastics in fillings.  It also minimizes the amount of weakened tooth to the environment.   This gives the tooth the best chance of survival in the harsh environment that is our mouths. 

There is always the risk of sugar and acid splashing against what remains, which is why it is important that these teeth are kept clean on a daily basis, and checked regularly by your dentist.   Speaking of which, if you are due for your regular checkup, or if you want an assessment of your overall teeth, we are taking bookings now. 

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